Excerpt from
“Three Missions``”
Four Stars in the Window

Chaos now reigned inside the plane. Smoke billowed everywhere. The crew's only hope was to use the power of the remaining two engines and their high altitude to half fly/half glide their way to neutral Switzerland. But that brief hope was soon snuffed out when the German fighter planes, smelling blood, made another run and shot out the two left engines. The plane was doomed. Johnson hit the "bail out" bell.... Powell tried to make his way back to the back of the plane to make sure everybody had gotten out, but the tangled wreckage around the bomb bay doors stopped his progress. Then he heard a shout from Johnson. "Laverro and Malloy are gone. Get out Powell so I can go." With that, Powell put on his chute, stood next to the open hatch, looked down from 24,000 feet...and rolled out into the emptiness of space. There was only one thought on his mind: "Shucks, I won't get to eat my D Bar!"

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