"You know, Big Brother, the only reason I wanted to learn to fly those planes, was so I could fly escort for you."
(Roger to Kenneth when they were together signing books for our family.)

Kenneth                                                Roger

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"Like every young married couple, Harry and Eva Powell had no idea what the future would hold when they pledged to love and honor each other in 1919. They began their family, which eventually grew into seven children. When the nation called their sons to war, Harry and Eva endured without complaint the agony of waiting for their safe return."

(Excerpt from Four Stars in the Window)

2009 Appearance dates

May 16, 2009
Armed Forces Day
Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Savannah, Georgia
(details forthcoming)



"Four West Hartford Brothers
Of The Army-Navy-Marines",
as appeared in The Hartford Times, 1945.

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Excerpt from review by Philip Lee Williams, author of A Distant Flame

"Four Stars in the Window is the deeply moving story of four brothers who served their country during World War II, but it is also the larger story of a country's sacrifice and courage. . . . No one can read this book without believing--and knowing--that the four Powell brothers and their family were indeed part of 'the greatest generation'."

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Excerpt from review by published author Richard Noone:

Typical of many veterans of that conflict, the brothers rarely, if ever, talked of those years.  Only now, some sixty years later, are they sharing their stories, even with each other.  Delvaux has managed to transform these individual stories in a way that captures the spirit of those times and people. 

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Excerpt from review by Dr. Tom Bertrand with the National Peace Foundation:

As a former Navy parachutist who spent some student time in the wooded parks of Munich, I can appreciate the providentially gentle landing your father made into that tree (though I find it easier to believe he was worrying about his hip than about that abandoned chocolate bar as he was coming down). 

For complete text of review click here.